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HR Communication Approach

The Division of Human Resources continuously strives to get important information to UNM employees in a timely manner. As a resource, we have outlined our communication approach, general roles, and communication methods.

HR has three main communication methods: the Internet, Listservs, and Face-to-Face communications. In addition to these methods, HR will occasionally mail information to employees' home addresses. Please check your information via Self-Service to ensure HR has the most updated information for you.

UNM Division of Human Resources (HR)

HR uses a variety of communication methods to reach every employee (see Internet, Listservs, and Face-to-Face communication methods above). We administer benefits for all benefits-eligible employees and oversee employment for UNM Staff members. We work closely with Faculty Contracts on Main and North Campus to communicate employment information that is not benefits related to UNM Faculty (e.g., University-wide training, campus calendar, supplemental retirement plans, process improvements, etc.). UNM Affiliates such as UNM Medical Group, UNM Hospitals, UNM Foundation, and Lobo Energy all have their own Departments of Human Resources to administer benefits and oversee employment for those entities.

HR Agents

HR Agent works with and on behalf of the principal executive of a "Level 3" Organization, serving as the Organization's primary representative and liaison to the Division of Human Resources on strategic HR matters. They represent their organization through interactive input and feedback to central HR on institutional HR programs, initiatives, communications, and process strategies. In this role, HR Agents serve as a conduit for communication between the HR Division and their organization conveying accurate, consistent, and timely information to staff and faculty within their operating unit.


All UNM employees in a manager or supervisor position have the responsibility of communicating employment information to the employees who report directly to them. For employees who do not regularly work at a computer or who might be on an extended leave, managers/supervisors are the best avenue to ensure all employees receive important communications.


When a person becomes an employee of UNM, he or she is issued a UNM email address. This email address is the primary method that the Division of Human Resources will use to communicate with employees. It is the responsibility of the employee to check this email periodically and respond as needed. If an employee does not have access to a computer, UNM has numerous computer labs across campus and the HR Service Center also offers computer stations for employees to use. Some departments have dedicated computers for those employees who do not regularly access one in their daily work. Visit the Listserv tab above to find the schedule of listservs messages. If an employee is not receiving these emails, it is his or her responsibility to contact the Division of Human Resources to identify the problem.


Internet Communication Description / Purpose Audience Typical Communications
HR Website
One-stop-shop for all pertinent and current HR information
  • UNM Community
  • External Audiences
  • Update HR material
  • New Information
  • Update/post presentations, newsletters, forms, etc.
One-stop-shop for posting, maintaining, applying for, and filling positions at UNM
  • Applicants
  • External Audiences
  • Hiring Officials
  • Update UNMJobs material
  • New resources
HR News Reel ( & Provides current information about HR, upcoming HR events, and other HR projects
  • UNM Community
  • External Audiences
  • Timely HR updates
  • Upcoming special events
  • HR initiative updates
OneSource ( Designed for departments to get guidelines, links to policies, deadlines, checklists, and instructions on all employment transactions
  • UNM Community
  • Updates on process changes to employment transactions
  • New resources for processing employment transactions
  • Updates on deadlines


The majority of HR listservs are automatically populated based on your employment status or designated roles in our systems (e.g. Banner, UNMJobs, etc.). The Division of Human Resources cannot manually subscribe or unsubscribe an employee to these lists. HR's listservs are used exclusively for business needs relating to employment information, benefits, and human resources. Messages from other entities, unless related to the business needs above, are not typically administered through the HR listservs.

Listserv Communication Description / Purpose Audience Typical Communications Distributed
Weekly All-Staff Updates (HumanResource-L Listserv) Provides timely HR updates including employment information, upcoming events, deadlines, wellness tips, and training courses
  • UNM staff includes full-time, part-time, branch campuses, temporary, and on-call staff
  • UNM-wide updates
  • Event descriptions
  • Deadlines
  • Course descriptions
Weekly: Wednesday
Benefits-Eligible Updates (Benelig-L Listserv) Highlights updates, news, events, and process reminders pertaining to benefits-eligible employees
  • Benefits-eligible employees includes staff, faculty, and branch campuses
  • Benefits updates
  • Benefits events such as Open Enrollment, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Educational Benefits deadlines
  • Wellness & Benefits reminders
Monthly: Second Tuesday
Training Updates (Benelig-L Listserv) Highlights the month's upcoming courses, new class opportunities, and training initiatives
  • Benefits-eligible employees includes staff, faculty, and branch campuses
  • Upcoming month's calendar of courses
  • Course highlights
Monthly: Third Thursday
EHP Newsletter (Benelig-L Listserv) Showcases the latest health initiatives as well as health updates/news and tips for health management
  • Benefits-eligible employees includes staff, faculty, and branch campuses
  • Wellness news
  • New initiatives or programs
  • Courses
  • Healthy recipes
Monthly: Fourth Thursday
HR Agent Communications (Hr-Agent-L & Hr-Agent-Backup-L Listserv) Provides strategic communications to HR Agents related to HR initiatives.
  • Org Level 3 HR reps
  • HR strategic initiatives
  • HR updates
  • Solicitations for feedback
  • Reminders and agendas
As Needed Agenda Monthly: Last Monday of the Month
Deans, Directors, and Chairs Updates (Dean-dir-L Listserv) Provides updates directly relating to upper management and may require managerial action
  • Deans, directors, and chairs
  • Strategic top-down HR updates
As Needed
Deans, Directors, Chairs, Managers, and Supervisor Updates
(Mgr-sup-L Listserv)
Provides updates directly relating to management and may require managerial action
  • Deans, directors, chairs, managers, and supervisors
  • Strategic top-down HR updates
As Needed
UNMJobs Department Originators (UNMJ_DEPT_ORIG-L) Provides updates on process changes, forum presentations, and outage/upgrade alerts
  • UNMJobs Dept Originator role in the BAR
  • Underutilized data change
  • New system functionality
  • Best practice reminders
As Needed
UNMJobs Department Approvers (UNMJ_DEPT_APPR-L) Provides updates on process changes, forum presentations, system outages/upgrades
  • UNMJobs Dept Approver role in the BAR
  • Instructions or changes specific to the Approver role
As Needed
UNMJobs Dean/Director Area (UNMJ_DEAN_DIR-L) Provides strategic communications to Dean or Director Area Representatives
  • Individuals who approve employment transactions for a Dean or Director
  • High-level information on process changes
As Needed
Annual Report (paper-based) Compiles all HR initiatives, training, and events from the last fiscal year
  • UNM Community
  • External Audiences
  • Summary of HR's achievements for the previous fiscal year
Yearly: Around December 1
UNM Campus Calendar (paper-based) Compiles the Academic Calendar, Payroll's Paydays, and University Holidays
  • UNM Community
  • High-level, quick view of UNM's calendar
Yearly: Around June 1

HR also utilizes other communication avenues controlled by other units on campus. Below is a list of examples:

  • President's Message
  • UNM Today
  • UNM News Minutes
  • Main Campus Faculty Listserv
  • North Campus Faculty Listserv
  • Gallup Branch Campus Listserv
  • Taos Branch Campus Listserv
  • Valencia Branch Campus Listserv
  • Los Alamos Branch Campus Listserv
  • North Campus GroupWise Listserv


Face-to-Face Communication Description / Purpose Audience Date, Time, & Location
Process Improvement Forums Provides details, logistics, updates, and step-by-step instructions on new and existing processes
  • Individuals who process and improve employment transactions in our systems
As Needed
HR Agents Designed as a strategic partnership to facilitate communications and collaboration
  • Org Level 3 HR representatives identified by the principal executive
Monthly: First Thursday 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Town Halls Provides pertinent and timely updates and/or question and answer sessions for new systems or other topics of university-wide importance
  • UNM Community
As Needed
Focus Groups Deployed to give individuals an opportunity to provide feedback regarding process changes
  • UNM Faculty & Staff
As Needed
New Employee Orientation Provides new staff with information, procedures, and resources needed to begin a job with UNM
  • All New Staff Employees
Weekly: Mondays 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Training Courses & Open Labs Deliver training and professional development to support a knowledgeable and competent workforce
  • UNM Community
Various - visit Learning Central
HR Presents Presents our customers with training and support regarding HR initiatives
  • UNM Faculty & Staff
As Requested
Consultations & Facilitations Provides strategic, long-term, forward-thinking consultation and customized facilitations to meet your business needs
  • UNM Faculty & Staff
As Requested
Benefits & Retirement Sessions Presents benefits and retirement topics tailored to a group's needs
  • UNM Faculty & Staff
As Needed
Wellness: Any time or place Presents wellness topics tailored to a group's specific needs or interests
  • UNM Community
As Requested

HR also utilizes other venues organized by various units on campus. Below is a list of examples:

  • Executive Cabinet
  • Deans' Council
  • Staff Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • Deans' Administrators Network (DANS)
  • School of Medicine (SOM) Administrators
  • Fiscal Agent Networking Group (FANG)
  • Finance Research Services Working Group (FRSWG)
  • New Faculty Orientation

If you would like to have an HR representative come speak at your area's meeting, please contact 277-2013.