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Accessing LoboWeb

View pay information, W-2, benefits statements, and leave balances

LoboWeb is a great tool that is accessible 24/7, where you can view your Pay Stub, W-2. Benefits Statement, and Leave Balances. By reviewing the information available on LoboWeb, you can ensure your Pay Stub and Benefit Statements are accurate. To access LoboWeb:  

  1. Click here:   
  2. Enter your UNM NetID and Password   
  3. Click the “Employee Life” tab   
  4. Click the LoboWeb logo in the center of the screen

To view your Leave Balance:   

  • Click “Leave Balances”   
  • Look at the column labeled “Available Balance”

For more information about how leave balances are accrued, please review University Policy 3400 for Annual Leave and 3410 for Sick Leave.

To view your Pay Stub:  

  • Click “Pay Information”   
  • Click “Pay Stub”   
  • Select the current year from the drop down box and click “Display”   
  • Click on the Pay Date you wish to view

To view your Benefits Statement:  

  • Click on “Benefits and Deductions”   
  • Click on “Benefits Statement”

To view your W-2:  

  • Click on “Tax Forms”   
  • Click on “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement”   
  • Select the Tax Year from the drop down box   
  • Click on “Display”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HRPR Support at 277-HRPR (4777).

- Updated 02.08.2012