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Staff Career Ladder Program

Introducing a New Look

The UNM Staff Career Ladder program has recently undergone a major review, resulting in a number of policy upgrades and procedural revisions.  In the process, the HR Career Ladder Web site has received an extensive and much-needed makeover, with a new look and better functionality.  


As you browse through the new Career Ladder Web site you will see many changes, new features, and enhancements.  For example:

  • We have simplified and made it easier to navigate around the site, creating more hyperlinks for quicker access to forms and documents.  
  • For your convenience, we have created multiple points of access to the same Career Ladder information.
  • The Career Ladder guidelines and procedures are clearer, more developed, and easier to access. They have also been updated to reflect changes in policies, systems, and processes.
  • For enhanced process simplicity and program flexibility, we have merged the “Vertical Career Ladder” forms and procedures to apply to both Pre-Defined (“pre-approved”) and Individualized Career Ladders, and we have eliminated the outdated lists of “pre-approved” Career Ladders and forms.
  • All forms have been revised, updated, and reformatted to make them easier to follow and use.
  • We have clarified and updated Career Ladder guidelines, and have made them easier to access.
  • We have added a new “FAQ” feature to assist you by providing quick access to answers to a wide range of questions that commonly arise about Career Ladders.

If, after you have familiarized yourself with the new features of the Web site, you have further questions or concerns regarding the site or its content, you are invited to contact your HR Consultant, or you may email HR Compensation directly at

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- 12.10.2010