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Understanding Your 2011-2012 UNM Medical Plan Changes

Communication Sessions


There have been questions raised recently about changes to UNM’s Medical Plan.  The Division of Human Resources is offering 20 sessions beginning September 7, 2011 to help Benefits-Eligible employees understand how co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums are administered through the UNM Medical Plan.  Different scenarios will be used to illustrate how much employees will pay out of pocket when receiving health care.  

To attend one of these information sessions, please register via Learning Central.  The title of the course is Understanding Your 2011/2012 UNM Medical Plan Changes (located in the catalog under Human Resources/Employee Benefits).  The slides from the presentation on Understanding Your 2011/2012 UNM Medical Plan Changes are also available.  

This class is not intended to cover individual claims issues.  If you need to discuss an individual claims issue, please schedule an appointment with your Lovelace or Presbyterian account representative.  For account representative dates, please view their schedule of appointments.

- 08.28.2011