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Medical Plan

UNM Medical Plan Rates 2013-2014

UNM Medical Plan Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

UNM offers medical provider options through two Third Party Administrators (TPAs):

Lovelace Health Plan Presbyterian

Preventative Services require no co-pay under LoboCare, Lovelace or Presbyterian Networks.

Networks of Coverage

Once you have enrolled with your chosen TPA, you will have an option of three different networks of coverage each time you need medical care. The network you choose at the time of service determines your out-of-pocket costs for services received. Please review the Summary of Benefits for your chosen TPA for details on out-of-pocket costs.

LoboCare Network:

  • HSC/UNMH and First Choice Community Health Providers and Facilities.
  • Primary care locations throughout Albuquerque.
  • LoboCare Clinic for same-day or next-day acute care appointments.
  • Both Lovelace and Presbyterian participants have the same access to the LoboCare Network.
  • LoboCare Network Flyer
  • LoboCare Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

In-Network: (Lovelace or Presbyterian contracted providers)

  • Third Party Administrator contracted providers and facilities.
  • National in-network capability for services received outside of New Mexico (note: you should notify your TPA carrier if you plan to use their National PPO).
  • To find out if your doctor is on the list of providers:


  • Providers and facilities not contracted with your TPA (note: if you use this option, notify your TPA first to receive the maximum available benefit).
  • Only usual and customary charges are covered.

Medical ID Cards

Upon enrollment your TPA will mail ID cards to your home address on file. If you do not receive your ID card, please contact your TPA to request a new one. UNM provides your TPA with your UNM Banner Id for identification purposes. Please provide your UNM Banner Identification number, and not your Social Security Number, when utilizing services at your medical provider or when speaking to your TPA.

Third Party Administrator Contact Information

For additional information or questions, please contact:

LoboCare Network


  • (505) 727-5683
  • TTY: 1-800-808-7363


  • (505) 923-5232
  • 1-866-574-9567 (Outside Albuquerque only)