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UNM Staff Salary Structure

Effective August 1, 2011, the UNM Staff Salary Range Structure for Non-bargaining Staff Employees has been adjusted as follows:

  • All range midpoints were increased 3%
  • All range maxima were increased 6%
  • All range minima were not adjusted

This change broadens the ranges to provide more flexibility and better reflect overall market trends. Likewise, maintaining the minima at current levels protects the overall integrity of the ranges, and ensures cost-neutrality of implementation, which is essential at this time.

The revised salary structure tables are illustrated below. A link to printer-friendly versions of the tables has also been provided.

As is always the case when the salary structure is adjusted, individual salary increases will NOT be awarded to employees whose current pay rates are at or above the pay range minima for their respective pay grades. Departments should, however, take this opportunity to check to make sure that the current pay rates for all of their regular/term, temporary, and on-call employees are at least equal to the pay range minima applicable to their pay grades.

Please contact HR Compensation if you have any questions or concerns regarding the range structure. If you have concerns regarding salary rates of individual employees in your area, please contact your HR Consultant.

UNM Staff Salary Range Structure, Effective As of August 1, 2011

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Standard Exempt and Non-Exempt Ranges - Tables SC, SE, and SN

UNM Staff Salary Range Structure

UNM Staff Clinical Providers Salary Range Structure, Effective As of August 1, 2011

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UNM Staff Clinical Provider Salary Range Structure