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Performance Review

The Performance Review is not an event, but an ongoing process. It begins with the employee and supervisor working together to establish performance expectations for the year. Throughout the year, the employee receives support and feedback to improve and enhance performance. The process culminates when the year-end review is completed and successful performance is rewarded. Then it starts all over again.

Performance Reviews for calendar year 2013 are due to the Division of Human Resources by March 1, 2014.


In 2011 the Performance Review Form was revised. Based on feedback from UNM employees, the form has been simplified without losing the integrity or intent of the Performance Review process. Take a minute to learn more: Gotta Minute - Performance Review Form.


Two online courses were created to support staff and managers. They are:

  • EOD 307 - Performance Review for Staff
  • EOD 416 - Conducting a Performance Review (for Managers)

These courses will cover all aspects of the performance review process and how to complete the form.

Access this training in Learning Central - Subject Area: Human Resources.

Performance Review Timeline

Month Tasks
November Employee begins Performance Review self assessment
December Employee completes Performance Review self assessment
January Supervisor reviews and provides input in the Performance Review and begins the performance discussion
February Supervisor complete the Performance Reviews and submits to the Division of Human Resources
March All Performance Reviews are due March 1, 2014 for the 2013 calendar year

Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose and Guidelines in Developing Effective Performance Reviews

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Union's Role in Performance Review Process

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Performance Review with Relation to Salaries


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