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This system provides the tools to automate and streamline the University's position management, applicant tracking, hiring, and performance management functions. This implementation improves our external and internal compliance reporting, and enhances other data reporting needs while providing a unified approach to hiring across employment areas at the University.

UNMJobs for Applicants

UNMJobs for Departments

Resource Pages

Applicant Resource Page -

  • This site answers prospective employee questions about employment with the University of New Mexico.

Department Resource Page -

  • This site links to information that may assist department representatives while working in UNMJobs. Resources will continue to be updated, please check back often for new and important information.

Recruitment Resource Page -

  • The goal of the University's recruitment and hiring process is to achieve an excellent and balanced workforce with representation and participation from all of the diverse sectors of our society. This site provides available resources for recruitment.

Questions and Support

For UNMJobs Applicant Support , please call (505) 277-6947 (MYHR) or email at This support center will provide:

  • Document attachment support
  • Communication of processes
  • Referral to appropriate Employment Area for subject matter expertise
  • Direction to additional resources

UNMJobs Department Support For departments, please call (505) 277-4777 (HRPR) or email at This support center will provide:

  • Job posting support
  • Help in processing transactions