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All Forms

Benefits Forms
Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
Benefits Deduction Worksheet
Dental Rates for Active Biweekly Employees - 2013-2014
Dental Rates for Active Monthly Employees - 2013-2014
Dependent Education Program Application
ERB-Beneficiary Designation Form (Still Employed)
Express Scripts Inc. Member Website FAQs
Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Forms
FMLA Designation Notice - WH-382
FMLA Employee Request Form
Long-Term Care Insurance Cancellation Form
Medical, Dental, and Vision Enrollment Change Form
Medical, Dental, and Vision Enrollment or Change Form
MyUNM Medical Dental Vision Enrollment Instructions
Open Enrollment Guide for 65+ Medical and Dental Plans 2014
Pre-Tax Insurance Premium Plan (PIPP) Designation (DOC)
Pre-Tax Insurance Premium Plan (PIPP) Designation (PDF)
Retiree Enrollment Form (DOC)
Retiree Enrollment Form (PDF)
Summary Comparison of UNM Dental Plan Options - 2012-2013
Surviving Spouse and Applicable Eligible Dependents Benefits
Tuition Remission Form
UNM 65+ Medicare Plans Open Enrollment Change Form 2014
Vision Rates for Active Employees - 2013-2014
VSP Vision Benefits Summary 2014-2015
Background Check Forms
Applicant Consent and Disclosure Authorization Form
Background Check Confidentiality Agreement
Background Check Request Form
Criminal Conviction Certification Form
Memo to Request Position Specific Background Check
New Mexico Department of Health/Caregiver Criminal Screening Fingerprinting Packet
NM CYFD Applicant Written Statement
NM CYFD Employer Statement
Career Management Forms
Performance Goals - January through December
Performance Review
Performance Review
Performance Review Fillable Form
Compensation Forms
Staff Career Ladder Request
Staff Position Review Questionnaire (PRQ)
Staff Recognition and Awards Template
Employee Health Promotion Forms
AED Weekly Checklist
Dietary Analysis Food Record Instructions
Health Care Provider (HCP) Form
Healthy Culture Assessment
Nutrition Consultation Preliminary Questionnaire
Visiderm Skin Scanner Analysis - Acknowledgment and Release
Employee Relations
Authorization to Use or Disclose Health Information
Developing Standards Goals and Duties
Disciplinary Toolkit
Drug Testing Facilities for All Campuses
Impaired Performance Incident Checklist
Performance Feedback Worksheet
Employment Forms
Behavioral Questions by Job Competency for Job Interviews
Behavioral Questions by Job Competency for Job Interviews (PDF)
Department Orientation Checklist
Education Verification Request (Word)
EPAN - Electronic Personnel Action Form
Equity Grid Form
Equity Grid Form Guide
License/Certificate Request Form
Monthly Leave Usage
Monthly Leave Usage (PDF)
Monthly Leave Usage Guide
NMERB Employer Data Form
Non-Credit Instructor
Non-Credit Instructor Payment Form
Non-Credit Instructors Hiring Form
Non-Standard Payment Form
Non-Standard Payment Form Guide
Reference Checking Guide
Request to Fill Critical Position Form
Standard Timesheet for Staff
Standard Timesheet for Staff (Latest)
Standard Timesheet for Staff (PDF)
Standard Timesheet Instructions
Summer Employment Non-Conflict Statement
Term Appointment Memo of Understanding (MOU)
Term Appointment Memo of Understanding (MOU) (PDF)
Term End Date Guidelines
UNMJobs Applicant Tutorial (How to Apply)
UNMJobs Hiring Process Checklist
UNMJobs Posting Process Checklist
UNMJobs Screening Process Checklist
Mandatory Employer Posters
Accident Reporting Forms - UNM SRS
New Mexico Discrimination is against the law poster
New Mexico Job Health and Safety Protection poster (State OSHA)
New Mexico Minimum Wage Act poster
New Mexico Workers' Comp Administration poster
Notice of Human Trafficking
Notice of Human Trafficking - Spanish
OEO Posters
Postings Checklist
Registered Employer Notice to Employees
State Whistleblower Protection
New Employee Orientation Forms
Direct Deposit Form
Employee Demographic Form Packet
ERB-Beneficiary (Still Employed)
I-9 Form - Employment Verification
NMERB Employer Data Form
W-4 Form
Reporting Forms
HR Payroll Report Request Form
Retirement Forms
Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) Election Form
Alternative Retirement Plan Change of Carrier Form
ERB Application for Retirement
Retiree Benefit Election Form (Over 65)
Retiree Benefit Election Form (Under 65)
Supplemental Retirement Form
Supplemental Retirement Form
Separation Forms
In-Person Exit Interview Form
Separation Checklist for Staff Employees
Term Appointment Notification of Completion
Updates/Changes in Employment Forms
Change of Address available through LoboWeb
Change in Appointment Percent
Decrease in Appointment Percent Resulting in Change of E-Class
Name, Address, and SSN Change Authorization Form
UNM Affiliate Forms and Resources
Affiliate Benefit Management Website
Affiliate Data Entry Request
Affiliate Demographic Form