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277- 5757 or 272-1694 (HSLIC)

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT): IT provides computing and data communication services and support for the academic and administrative communities at The University of New Mexico.

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Desktop Security


UNM News Minute by e-mail: Allows you to register for automatic updates by e-mail.

To Subscribe: send a blank message to: or click on the following link:

To Unsubscribe: send a blank message to: or click on the following link:

UNM Health Sciences Center

Health Sciences Center and UNM Hospital

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LoboAlerts: LoboAlerts is the new, opt-out text messaging system that provides faculty, staff, registered students, affiliates of UNM, and UNMH employees with fast, convenient, real-time message alerts. To learn more about this service and to verify your contact information, please visit

Additionally, parents, community members, and other non-UNM individuals who wish to receive LoboAlerts can follow the LoboAlerts Twitter at, the LoboAlerts Facebook at, or sign up for the UNMCommunity site at You can receive important campus information on your:

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LoboWeb for Students: is the place for students to find registration, grade, financial aid and admissions information.

To access LoboWeb for Students, log in to myUNM with your UNM NetID and password, and then click on the Student Life tab. Once there, click on the LoboWeb logo to enter.

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LoboWeb for Faculty & Advisors: LoboWeb is the place for advisors to update and view advisee information, and for Faculty to get class lists, view student information, enter grades, perform registration overrides, etc.

To access LoboWeb for Faculty & Advisors, log in to myUNM with your UNM NetID and password, and then click on the Faculty Life tab. Once there, click on the LoboWeb logo to enter.


E-mail: The portal email is likely to be the preferred email application for students or other users who prefer the ability to check email via a Web interface rather than be dependent on one computer and a proprietary email application. Portal email is a robust application and you can also check email from other provider accounts with it.


Calendar: Campus community members - especially students! -- are encouraged to try out the calendar. The portal calendar is a great resource for students, classes, and groups/organizations to track schedules, tests, meetings, and other events. Those on campus already using Oracle or GroupWise should continue to use those calendars to schedule University business-related meetings and events.


Groups: The Group Studio feature provides an easy-to-use Web presence for student, department, and other campus organizations. Group Studio applications include chat, where you can text chat online in real time; a message board to exchange information, and file sharing where groups can post and exchange files. Any campus organization or department that currently has its own NetID may request a Group via the Group Studio application. If an organization/department does not have its own NetID, you must first complete and return the the Organization/Departmental NetID request form to the IT Computer Accounts office.


Payroll: The University Payroll Office is located in Suite 1100 of the John and June Perovich Business Center at the corner of Lomas & University. Payrolls Web site may be able to answer questions that you might have regarding payroll schedules, tax information, etc.


Parking and Transportation: Information relating to parking permits can be found at Parking and Transportation Services. They are located on the northwest corner of Central and University at 1621 Central Ave NE.