Consulting Services

Consulting Services

What We Do

Through the department of Client Services, Human Resources (HR) Consultants provide outreach, consultation, and support to University administrators, managers, supervisors, and employees. HR Consultants work in a coaching and consultative capacity to promote the mission of HR and support the University in the following ways:

  • Helping departments tap into their people power to solve complex organizational and interpersonal problems
  • Offering ideas, options, and advice on a wide range of HR functions, including (but not limited to) employee relations, performance management, recruitment, compensation, and change management
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve programs, processes, communications, and/or training to yield greater effectiveness and results
  • Participating in face-to-face facilitations to help employees and managers work together more cohesively and successfully
  • Consulting with individuals and groups on sensitive and non-routine employee issues
  • Contributing to organizational design and change initiatives
  • Acting in both hands-on and strategic roles
  • Assisting departments and individuals in navigating HR policies and practices
  • Supporting departments in realizing strategic goals


HR Consultants provide services to specific departments across the University. To find which consultant is assigned to your department, go to Find Your Consultant or call HR Client Services at 505-277-2013.


Who We Are

Main Campus

HR Consultant Email Phone
Stefanie Rotunno 505-277-0663
Angel Porras 505-277-2764
Emily Luhman 505-277-5387
Alisha Lujan 505-277-2173
Tiffany Cordova 505-277-0662

Health Sciences Center

HR Consultant Email Phone
Martin Gallegos 505-277-6575
Emily Arzate 505-277-5836