Program Options

*Specific start and end dates are typically determined and announced in March/April of each year.

How to Request a Non-UNM Student Position

Follow the standard UNMTemps request process in UNMJobs

Supervision of Minors

All individuals supervising minors are required to complete a background check in compliance with Section 4.2 of UAPPM – Policy 2205: Minors on Campus - “Authorized adults who will have one-on-one contact with minors or participate in overnight activities with minors, must clear criminal background checks prior to participation in these University programs.”

To initiate a background check request, please complete Supervisor of Minors Background Check Form and submit to

Please Note: Non-UNM Student Hire positions are subject to normal UNMTemps administrative fees

Child Labor Laws

Child Labor Laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), hours worked by 14- and 15-year-olds are limited to:

For additional information regarding Youth Labor, please visit:

Separation Process

Non-UNM Student Hire Program Participants will be automatically separated from employment on their pre-determined assignment end date. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that the participant discontinues work on the Program end date.

Should a department choose to end the original assignment early, the host department should follow the standard UNMTemps separation process.

Special Accommodations

If you are considering employing a Youth Summer Worker with a disability and need assistance in determining necessary accommodations, please contact the UNM Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) at 277-5251.


We have created FAQ's to answer many of the inquiries that are frequently received. Please contact the UNMTemps office at 505-277-2013 or via email at with any additional questions concerning the establishment or administration of the Youth Summer Worker and/or Academic Internship Program.