HR Agents

In an effort to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Division of Human Resources' initiatives, an HR Agent role for each of the institution's Banner Level 3 Organizations has been established. The HR Agent functions as the Organization's primary representative and liaison to the Division of Human Resources on strategic HR matters.

HR Agents will represent a designated Organization to the HR Division by providing feedback on current and proposed institutional HR programs, initiatives, communications, and process strategies that impact the organization. This role will also serve as the principal conduit for strategic communication between the Organization and the HR Division on major operational HR issues and concerns.

HR Agent Role

The HR Agent works on behalf of the principal executive of a Banner Level 3 Organization, serving as the Organization's primary representative and liaison to the Division of Human Resources and other HR Agents on all strategic HR matters.

The key components of the HR Agent role are as follows:

  • To represent the Organization in the provision of interactive input and feedback to the central HR Division regarding current and proposed new or modified institutional HR programs and initiatives, communications, and process strategies.
  • To serve as the Organization's principal partner and/or liaison with the HR Division in the successful implementation, communication, establishment, and promotion of new and/or enhanced HR programs, processes, and initiatives.
  • To serve as a conduit for communication between the HR Division and the organization conveying accurate, consistent, and timely information to staff and faculty within each constituent operating unit.
  • To provide a level of strategic coordination regarding HR transactions that is appropriate to the specific Organization, and to provide leadership and/or initiate collaboration with the HR Division in the remediation of situational problems and non-compliant or out-of-guidelines activities.
  • To network with other HR Agents and HR Division experts to discuss and benchmark HR practices across the institution, and to gain institutional insight into HR compliance issues and associated areas of risk.

Specific duties and responsibilities of an HR Agent may be delegated in accordance with the staffing structure and operational requirements of the Organization. However, the designated HR Agent shall remain the strategic liaison in collaboration between the Organization and the HR Division.