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History and Current State of UNM Self-Insured Health Plan

In response to questions that have been raised regarding UNM’s self-insured health and dental plans, the Division of Human Resources has conducted a review of self-insurance beginning in fiscal year 2006 and ending with the current fiscal year.

The final report is separated into four sections:

  1. PowerPoint presentation, presented to Finance and Facilities Committee on June 26, 2015
  2. History of UNM as a Self-Insured Employer
  3. History of VEBA and Insurance Reserve
  4. Current State of UNM Health Insurance

This report is designed to summarize UNM’s complex and diverse path to becoming self-insured. It includes the various committees and individuals that were instrumental in moving this effort forward. While it would be impossible to note every instance in the University’s history that contributed to this accomplishment, this review aims to capture the most crucial and significant moments.

The report illustrates the importance that UNM administration places on employee benefits, and the key role that employee input has played in developing the benefit program that currently exists.

For questions regarding this report, contact Human Resources at 505-277-2695.