Long-term Disability

Enrollment Help

Contact Standard's Enrollment Customer Service at 844-573-0229

Enrollment/Member Website

The Standard's Enrollment/Member website, Ready Enroll, is provided for UNM employees to:

  • Enroll
  • View current coverage
  • View, review, and update beneficiaries
  • View certificates of coverage
  • Access other Standard resources

How to View/Update Coverage and Beneficiaries

Offered online or by telephone

You must follow the login process listed above under Enrollment or call the Standard Customer Service line at 844-573-0229

Employees may:

  • View current enrollment
  • Request enrollment changes to add, drop, increase, or decrease coverage levels
  • View and update beneficiaries (online option only, employees are responsible for updating beneficiary information)
  • View Certificates of Coverage, other plan document information, and access cost calculation tools

Contact Information

Standard Insurance Company
Customer Service: 1-844-573-0229
Enrollment Customer Service: 844-573-0229
Long -Term Disability Claims: 844-573-0229

Enrollment/Member Site
Standard Insurance Company Website